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One person told me once that making a character do what you want in a story is like herding cats. Of course, this mostly is short hand for "the characterization of the character and the situation means that there isn't one simple path or one most interesting path." So, how, without changing the situation strongly or the character, can you herd a cat?

For me, there's a couple of ways. )
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Other "canon in fiction" talking here -

If it's not in canon, why write it?

I was thinking about the language of canon. That's really a terrible way of putting it, but if you're dealing with translated work, your canon ends up with the nuances of the original, and the nuances of the translation. It's impossible for a translation to perfectly show the good and the bad of an original. Some times the differences come down to pedantic little details, and some times the differences completely change the meaning of the work. Technically, you could argue that different versions of a canon show similar issues (so, say, movie canon is not book canon.)

But when you say my canon - )


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