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Tao is by VAP, which as best I can tell did mostly liscensed anime / manga adaptations. Usually of questionable quality. TAO is noteable for having an amazing cover of a guy in a red jumpsuit riding a dinosaur.

Unfortunately, the game is terrible )
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I was surprised to find out that the Wild ARMs series was a low budget one. While, yes, the graphics were never outstanding, the ways the game tried to be ambitious was. Let me try to list some hallmarks that I've seen in the series.

The 'feel' of the games )
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Lutter is a Famicom Disk System game - the Famicom Disk system permitted better music and the ability to have slightly cheaper saving systems for developers. It's also semi-interesting for having a belt for running the drive. Needless to say, used disk systems often need that belt replaced.

Lutter itself is not particularly remarkable as a game, though is it unusual. You see - )


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