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Exile was translated by Renovation, which tended to awkwardly translate games with animated cutscenes. In the case of Exile, it's a sort of partial RPG and side scrolling action game. Working Designs translated the Turbo Duo version, and changed the difficulty curve. The translation was Working Design's usual quirky translation, but they didn't censor the game as heavily as the Genesis version.

I believe the game also came out for the MSX (early Japanese console with less than a NES's level of power) and possibly the PC98 (early computer system.)

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So, moving on, let's talk about Final Fantasy II versus Dragon Quest III. They came out the same year. Dragon Quest III in the start of the year, and Final Fantasy II in December. It's highly unlikely that the programmers for Final Fantasy II were able to play Dragon Quest III in depth. So, how do these games compare to their earlier iterations?

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So, I've been poking slowly through Dragon Quest / Warrior I and II and Final Fantasy I (GBA remake.) It's interesting what I've been noticing (ignoring, of course, the ways that the remakes made the systems easier to use.)

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