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Most gluten free noodles are either oddly colored, oddly flavored, over priced, mushy, or some combination of the above. So the concept of making your own is appealing. Since a bowl of noodles is a comfort food lunch thing for me, it's nice to have a fake pasta that's quick.

Now bear in mind, these are very dense noodles. Primarily I'm making these to crisp up in a pan or to toss in the bottom of stews or the like, so the texture is a good thing. You'll note the instructions are fairly fast and loose - these are not meant to be precisely weighed. While you will make the occasional "enh" batch, it works well enough, and fits in the "make it quickly" guideline.

For about 1 large serving of noodles -

1/4 cup potato starch, corn starch, or tapioca starch
1/4 cup glutinous rice flour or a mix of one of the above flours and one of the below flours
1/4 cup gritty rice flour, rice flour, Punjabi corn flour

(can sub the above for 2/3 cup of an equal mix of the above options.)

1 tsp guar gum

pinch of salt

Stir well, and then add 1 egg. If it's a wet day, that may turn it into a playdough like dough. Otherwise, adjust with water if it's slightly dry, an egg if it's very dry, or some flour if it's tacky. A TB of a good olive oil wouldn't hurt, but it really doesn't matter.

You can then cut finely (flour your knife well) or flour it heavily and run it through the biggest holes on your cheese grater. A potato ricer also works for a finer noodle, but you need to wash it out with cold water, and wash very well when you're done (the dough sticks to it like glue.) If you used potato starch, this dough will roll into thick noodles with a rolling pin, but more precise measurements will make a better result. If you're missing whole wheat, add a TB of almond flour or rice bran flakes.

Boil for about a minute, and either crisp in butter in a pan, or serve.


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