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Logan, elephants in the room, chatting with Beast.

Hank was upside down like some sort of koala or sloth appearing out of nowhere. "I didn't realize there was anyone down here, Lo-"

Logan waved his hand and leaned against the washer. "Laundry." He had a mug of coffee, and his shoulder was still wrapped in bandages. He'd figured out how to turn down the volume on the CD player, but that was about as far as he'd gotten.

"How's the shoulder?"

"Itches," Logan said but the smile said that he probably wasn't feeling as miserable. Or at least, it wasn't followed up with mutterings about doctors in general. "Have you eaten? There's a microwave, and I've got food leftover that I haven't run upstairs yet."

"I wouldn't be much of a doctor -" Hank trailed off and dropped down to the floor as he moved over to check out the take out boxes. "Erh -"

"It's fine." Logan sat down slowly on the folding chair, and it creaked under his weight. "Let me guess - a twinkie, some of those terrifying looking pink donuts, and probably coffee?"

"I think there was some oatmeal after I got done with your shoulder." Hank mixed the snow pea whatever with some of the tofu and chiles with what remained of the spinach and something. "Vegetarian, Hunan, I guess? I don't recognize the tofu dish."

"It's a little place between a tattoo parlor and a bar. They do good stuff. The Filipino side of the menu looks interesting." Logan wordlessly slid his plate over to Hank, and Hank started to fill it. "They keep late hours. If you want to check them out."

"When your shoulder is better. I can't believe you took the bike -"

Logan made a face. "Gambit was in front."

"Are you sure you're not fevered?" Hank's voice faltered as he said it, but he found himself smiling back as Logan smiled.

"He's a good driver. And we had no coffee. I don't have a caffeine addiction, but my brain hasn't remembered that yet." Logan paused and asked, "So - do you have a clue how this CD player works?"


It was later that Hank was told about Operation 80's. Basically trying to get Logan semi comfortable with some technology. He pointed out that cell phones, modern laptops, and e-mail didn't really exist in the 80's and got to hear Jubilee cheerfully rattling off facts about Compuserve. Jubilee's first target was to try to get Logan's 8 track tape and some cassette tapes transferred over to CD. Logan kind of - stared at her and reluctantly got taken in the flood.

Soon enough, he had a phone with a "your granny can text too" program, and keys the size of dimes, and he gamely went along with learning how to replace some records with CDs online. The old cassette tapes, he told her, were army stuff, but he sat through watching her explain how to transfer something that seemed to entirely consist of electric guitars and a off tune cymbal onto a CD.

He refused to get a laptop. He did relent on picking up a typewriter, and soon enough his reports would show up, neatly typed and numbered. And they eventually headed down to that restaurant. The owner was an older woman who decided he was all right when he fixed the wobble in the ceiling fan. The food was amazing.

Hank helped bandage up one of her kids after he scraped his elbow, and Logan was quiet all the way back to the school.

Four days later, Logan sent him a text message with a simple, "Can we talk." Well - mostly simple if you ignore Logan's inability to handle tiny keypads.

Logan leaned on the counter, cupping a mug of coffee and frowning, and Hank tried and discarded a half dozen things before settling on, "Were you hurt? Or having trouble sleeping?"

"So is he a mutant?"

Hank froze with his hands full of a cup of coffee and a doughnut in the other (better brand, these.) "No, the test came back negative."

Logan's quiet for a while. "Chuck asked you -"

"Jean, actually? She met him and was worried. I talked with his mom about what to do and told her that the school could help."

Logan grunted.

Hank finished off the doughnut while Logan worked on his coffee. "The food was as good as you said."

Logan looked at him over his mug.

"I didn't just go down there because of Jean."

"Next time, let me know."


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