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Trilogy, "The Flowering of the Rood", H.D., New Direction Books, 1998, verse 16 - 19

Mary Magdalene comes to a wise man, on a quest for myrrh, and talks with him.

I am Mary, she said, of a tower-town,
or once it must have been towered
for Magdala is a tower;
Magdala stands on the shore;
I am Mary, she said, of Magdala,
I am Mary, a great tower;
through my will and my power,
Mary shall be myrrh;
I am Mary - O, there are Marys a-plenty,
(though I am Mara, bitter) I shall be Mary-myrrh;
I am that myrrh-tree of the gentiles,
the heathen; . . . .
I am Mary. I will weep bitterly,
bitterly . . . bitterly.


But her voice was steady and her eyes were dry
. . . .


He who was unquestionably
master of caravans,
stooped to the floor;
he handed her her scarf;
it was unseemly that a woman
appear disordered, dishevelled;
it was unseemly that a woman
appear at all.


I am Mary, the incense-flower of the incense-tree,
myself worshipping, weeping, shall be changed to myrrh;
I am Mary, though melted away,
I shall be a tower
. . . she said, Sir,
I have need, not of bread nor of wine,
nor of anything you can offer me,
and demurely, she knotted her scarf
and turned to unfasten the door.


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