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Tao is by VAP, which as best I can tell did mostly liscensed anime / manga adaptations. Usually of questionable quality. TAO is noteable for having an amazing cover of a guy in a red jumpsuit riding a dinosaur.

Unfortunately, the game is terrible. It's a mix of RPG elements combined with drawn out talking and button mashy battles. In most Japanese fansites, they mention the game being cult propaganda.

This is due to the ending featuring what I think is Chairman Mao as being the one true path to enlightenment.

Other than that, it's a generic "World ends in 1999" apocolyptic game. You go from country to country via the 'train' which is riding a dinosaur. Your little hero sprite looks like he's kind of disco dancing across the world in his red jumpsuit. Gameplay is also mildly annoying since the entire control system is picking various kanji to say, threaten or offer money.

Music and graphics are competent. Music is suitably spooky, and the graphics are small but tolerable. It has a feel of a hack of some other game, but it's hard to say what. Plot wise, there's some pretty dark elements, but most of them are lost in the language barrier. Still, you can tell, for example, that someone hung themselves in a church.


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