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Kalevala, Lönnrot, trans. Bosley, 1989, "Inside the Giant"

Väinämöinen, seeking spells, forces his way into the dead giant Vipunen's mouth, to try to pry his spells from him. Vipunen tries to destroy him, but in the end, Väinämöinen's threats persuade him. [Warning - the threats include cannibalism in this small segment.]

Old Väinämöinen puts this into words:
"My ruin could be coming
my day of trouble looming
in this lair of the demon
this inglenook of the grave."

. . . .

Then Vipunen full of tales
put this into words:
"What kind of man may you be
what sort of fellow? I have
eaten a hundred fellows
destroyed a thousand man, but
But I don't think I've eaten such
. . . . .
Go now, idler, on your feet
evil man, get a move on
before the day breaks
and the dawn god dawns
and the sun comes up
and the cockcrow sounds!
. . . .
stop, unlucky brat
disappear, keeperless dog
and depart, motherless cur
with the ending of this hour
with the passing of this moon?"

Steady old Väinämöinen
then put this in words:
"Tis good for me to be here
sweet for me to tarry here:
the liver will serve for bread
the marrow to eat with it
the lungs will be right for stew
the fats for good food.
I will set up my anvil
deeper upon the heart-flesh
slam my sledgehammer harder
on still worse places
so that you'll never get out
never in this world be free
unless I come to hear the words
and fetch the right spells
and hear enough words
and a thousand charms.
Words shall not be hid
nor spells be buried;
might shall not sink underground
though the mighty go."

Then Vipunen full of tales
the old word-hoarder
with great wisdom in his mouth
boundless might in his bosom
opened his word-chest
and flung wide his box of tales
to sing some good things
set some of the best things forth-
those deep origins
spells about the Beginning
which not all the children sing
only fellows understand
in this evil age
with time running out -
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