Apr. 22nd, 2013

fakename: A glowing Valia hovers over a schoolgirl with sword (yuko)
Cain talking about Albert and being locked in a cave for a year. More looking at how Albert both meant well and was being stupid, and how Cain got it and still was furious. Vague mentions of violence, but nothing that should be upsetting.


The cave could've been pretty, if you had a sort of mind for that. It was dry, and fairly warm, and he spent some time trying to decide if it was some kind of lava tube (no sharp obsidian and he couldn't reach the rock he thought was pumice.) He asked Albert about it, and got a sort of whuffing noise and that pained look like Albert couldn't decide if it was too dark and quiet down there.

Albert started adding candles to the care packages after that. He'd )


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