Aug. 30th, 2009

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I was surprised to find out that the Wild ARMs series was a low budget one. While, yes, the graphics were never outstanding, the ways the game tried to be ambitious was. Let me try to list some hallmarks that I've seen in the series.

The 'feel' of the games )
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Kalevala, Lönnrot, trans. Bosley, 1989, "Inside the Giant"

Väinämöinen, seeking spells, forces his way into the dead giant Vipunen's mouth, to try to pry his spells from him. Vipunen tries to destroy him, but in the end, Väinämöinen's threats persuade him. [Warning - the threats include cannibalism in this small segment.]

Old Väinämöinen puts this into words:
"My ruin could be coming
my day of trouble looming
in this lair of the demon
this inglenook of the grave."

. . . .

Then Vipunen full of tales
put this into words:
"What kind of man may you be
what sort of fellow? I have
eaten a hundred fellows
destroyed a thousand man, but
I don't think I've )


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