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Lutter is a Famicom Disk System game - the Famicom Disk system permitted better music and the ability to have slightly cheaper saving systems for developers. It's also semi-interesting for having a belt for running the drive. Needless to say, used disk systems often need that belt replaced.

Lutter itself is not particularly remarkable as a game, though is it unusual. You see, it's basically a RPG in that you level as you kill enemies, but it's combined with a movement system similar to Lode Runner. The fighting system is basically Ys style - bumping the enemy. Combined with this is some simple puzzle elements - using things to build bridges or explode blocks. Throughout the game, there's only one really hard to guess puzzle - basically tunneling the right spots in a pyramid to get to the center which also has fake blocks in it. However, if you're careful or cheat, that's not too bad. Adding to the forgiveness of the system, you can bribe enemies when you die to come back at full health. Since the combat system can occasionally be unfair (ladders usually mean you have no defense) it's a kind thing to do.

Another unusual aspect is the boss system. After gathering the low level keys to unlock the areas, you get the highest level key, letting you into the boss area. This is a special arena filled with gigantic monsters. Most of these, if you're the right level, are instantly killed when you touch the weak spot. People in the maze hint at the weak spot. You have 'cookies' to refill your health if you're hurt too badly in this mode.

After each boss, there's a little congratulations screen where a tiny girl for no apparent reason thanks you for coming to find her. There's a different lady for each boss. Late in the game, you can meet women in the maze, who mention that the ultimate evil brought them into the maze.

Equipment isn't that unusual in a Ys game. Lutter too has equipment, and your hero's sprite upgrades as you get new equiment.

So - in summation - unusual little game. A mix of Ys and Lode Runner, combined with a vauge plot of rescuing young women from giant kaiju like monsters. Mute released a translation of it, and it's quite acceptable. A bit of googling can provide what each item does when used and that's all you'd need.
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